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where others stop

From the beginning, the DEGELER collection impresses with its exceptional quality and timeless elegance. The DEGELER maxim: there is nothing good, that can’t be made better. Quality has many aspects: sophisticated design, labour-intensive craftsmanship, long-lasting materials. The result always remains the same: lifelong luxury pieces.

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Every Detail

is a lifetime's promise

DEGELER creates unique products for life. Accessories which aren’t smoothed by conventions. But have a distinct well-rounded character. They are created through labor-intensive craftmanship which hasn't changed in the core throughout the last couple of centuries. The tools we use are old but gold and help us everyday to follow our passion: creating unique DEGELER leather goods. Handcrafted in Germany from the beginning to the end without automatic machines. Just true German craftsmanship and passion.

Traditionelle Herstellung Lederwaren

but Gold

To give leather a certain glance DEGELER uses a traditional and method. This so called glance-hit "machine" rubs the blue agate-stone with a high pressure against the leather. This procedure is very time consuming but its worth waiting for. Due to the fact that this stone rubs against the leather for couple of hours the glance of the leather gets deeper and more intense than it would be in a mass production.

DEGELER Manufaktur Stanzeisen Schablonen