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Product Stories

Following the own path:

The SkyHanger® Story

Our focus was to develop a Garment Bag, which is extremely light, highly functional with a clear and puristic design. While striving to fulfill those requirements in the developing process, we always focused on the best quality to exceed the existing expectations a customer has on a Garment Bag.

Reinventing The Garment Bag

By the end of 2014 we made the decision to develop a new Garment Bag. Most of the existing Garment Bags we came across had a poor quality, unhandy and heavy designed, which results in a poor appearance of the bags but also in a missing functionality.

Entwicklung SkyHanger
Developed by & with

Frequent flyers & travelers

After we got an overview of all types of Garment Bags we knew that we needed to focus not on the product itself but on the user or potential customer. We involved frequent flyers and travelers in the development process from day one. This approach enabled us to develop a completely new Garment Bag, which was only influenced by our requirements and the needs of the users.

Right when we started with the design of the first prototypes we figured out that we had to include the hanger in the developing process. This was necessary in order to be able consequently fulfill our requirements and the needs of our frequent travelers.

Keep reading for the Story of the Garment Bag or click the "Hanger Story" for the story of the hanger.

Hanger Story
First prototypes:

All with different materials, grips and clasps

From here we started to create the Garment Bag step by step, starting with the general shape of the bag. The first bunch of prototype’s were all “two-folds” which made the bags handy and convenient. Only the plastic clamps didn’t fit in the picture.

More Prototypes Now in a 'one-fold' design

In order to create a puristic and timeless design we placed all the compartments inside and backside of the Garment Bag. The 'one-fold' design was slimmer when the bag was packed and allowed us to get rid of the plastic clasps the two-folds had. Only the exact size and shape weren't right yet.

Prototypes SkyHanger
Prototypes SkyHanger

Finding the best material by testing, testing & testing

Once we designed a classic and timeless shape in the right size we tested all kind of materials. To merge out the smallest weaknesses of the SkyHanger®, the testing of the last prototypes took over one year. Resulting in the best quality for each part.

Going the extra mile:

searching the best solution

One of the first major challenges was the development of a reliable fixation of the hanger in the garment bag. We went the extra mile in any possible direction to find the solution the SkyHanger offers now. Just to name a view of the methods we tried out for the best fixation of the hanger:

  • Fixation of the hanger outside the bag underneath the handle
  • Fixation of the hanger on the inside with certain straps and snap buttons.
  • Development of a hanger which itself has already the shape of the handle
  • Fixation of the hanger on the inside with certain inside compartment
Once you found it

it seems so simple

After all these attempts we weren’t a single step closer to a satisfying solution. We were obsessed with a perfect solution, that we couldn’t see the wood for the trees anymore.

Sometimes the „simplest“ solution is the best. In our Case this was a sturdy and reinforced opening for the hook of the hanger just below the handle. This allows reliable fixation of the hanger with the suit or dress. Furthermore the hanger with the suit or dress literally hangs in the Garment Bag just like it would in your wardrobe at home. This kind of fixation is very beneficial for a straight position of your suits or dresses so you can travel wrinkle-free. And when you are not on the go, you can have your suits or dresses already pre-packed in our SkyHanger in your wardrobe, which makes packing faster and keeps the dust away.

Light Travel


Once we had the entire design of the bag done we could focus on the smaller parts such as the closure. After testing all kind of snap buttons and all kind of positions on the bag we found the best snap buttons for our bag from an US-manufacturer. For the zippers we chose high-end nylon zippers due to their very light weight and a smooth & fast zipping. The handles are slightly "filled" for a better handling: A joy to carry.

We engineered this bag the way you make a racing car — removing all the extra weight and unnecessary frills, and paying extreme attention to even the smallest details. The result provides unmatched functionality, with a classically understated German design aesthetic.

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