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Finest Materials

Surfaces which

get under the skin

The spectrum of DEGELER materials reach from classical to technical. The supple surfaces of soft leathers define simple distinctive contours and transform everday experiences into intense moments. For lovers of a more technical style, Keprotec® and nylon materials are also available. Essentially, there are no limits to your individual design wishes.

Saddle leather

In his Saddle leather collection, DEGELER exclusively uses vegetable ground tanned saddle leather from one of the last traditional tanneries in Southern Germany. Our non-processed aniline leather is created using time-honoured methods passed down over six generations. Just the tanning takes up to 8 weeks. The leather is then treated with natural oils creating its innate distinctive finish. In terms of Sustainability unsurpassed.

Calf leather

DEGELER’s calf leather products earn their characteristic patina through years of use. The outstanding quality “Made in Germany” is tanglible in the soft texture. Its subtle matt surface an expression of discreet luxury.

Cordovan leather

DEGELER uses one of the finest leathers in the world: shell cordovan. This equine leather originates from fibrous flat muscle beneath the hide on the rump of the horse. The particular strength and thickness of this leather makes the life span of cordovan products unrivaled.


DEGELER’s Keprotec® collection is incredibly durable yet extremely versatile. Its mix of Kevlar® fibres and Cordura® nylon makes it particularly resilient. Moisture and annoying stains pearl easily from its high-tensile aramide fibers.


DEGELER’s nylon fabrics originate only from the most reputed manufacturers. Best raw materials and sustainable production methods are our minimum requirements. Specialized functions, such as nanotechnology coatings, breathability and reinforcements are individually developed and adapted to our pieces.